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Peace of mind with a little Hero

We have had a long and tough battle with Dexter suffering from Silent Reflux. It has been more scary than I ever imagined as he has had a few episodes where he chokes on the thick acid, one time needing an ambulance because he stopped breathing and responding.My husband managed to eventually clear his airway…… Continue reading Peace of mind with a little Hero


Memories that will stick around

A few weeks back you may have seen my post on my beautiful Retro style photos from Cheerz. I was so pleased with them and so you can imagine I was over the moon to collaborate with them again, but this time to try out some of their photo magnets. A sucker for gorgeous packaging, I choose…… Continue reading Memories that will stick around

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Yoomi- making things that bit easier

Now that I am completely bottle feeding Dexter, he has taken to only liking his milk warm, which is fine by me, it would be my preference too, to be honest! He also is better drinking it warm due to the Neocate milk he is now prescribed and the medications he has for reflux. The…… Continue reading Yoomi- making things that bit easier