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Diono Quantum travel system Review

For the past few weeks we have been putting the Diono Quantum to the test and through its paces with Dexter. I have never thought of myself as pushchair orientated, as long as it pushes, is comfortable and is reasonable in cost then that’s all it needs to be, right? Wrong. Having spent a few…… Continue reading Diono Quantum travel system Review

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Mixing Dairy free with Italy!

As you know, both of my boys are dairy free. It’s become habit of what things Freddie can/can’t eat and we tend to stick to the same things. However this can lack such variety and spontaneity that I used like to add to our family meals. That’s why when I was approached by Ciao Gusto…… Continue reading Mixing Dairy free with Italy!

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Peace of mind with a little Hero

We have had a long and tough battle with Dexter suffering from Silent Reflux. It has been more scary than I ever imagined as he has had a few episodes where he chokes on the thick acid, one time needing an ambulance because he stopped breathing and responding.My husband managed to eventually clear his airway…… Continue reading Peace of mind with a little Hero