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Dr Browns Options bottles review

When we had Freddie we were very lucky in the fact that he never suffered with any problems when feeding as a baby. Therefore the bottles we choose to feed Dexter with this time around were the same as we knew they had worked for Freddie. However, Dexter soon had silent reflux flare up at…… Continue reading Dr Browns Options bottles review

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Back to basics with Kokoso [review]

Dexter was born two weeks early and still had lots of Vernix on him. I was pleased about this as it’s a natural moisturiser and barrier to the outside world for a little longer at least, on newborn skin. I noticed however that the areas where he didn’t have his protective layer were so dry,…… Continue reading Back to basics with Kokoso [review]

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Yoomi- making things that bit easier

Now that I am completely bottle feeding Dexter, he has taken to only liking his milk warm, which is fine by me, it would be my preference too, to be honest! He also is better drinking it warm due to the Neocate milk he is now prescribed and the medications he has for reflux. The…… Continue reading Yoomi- making things that bit easier