• Organic cows milk – why we made the switch

    You may know that both my boys have suffered from CMPA, cows milk protein allergy. After a few unsuccessful trials of the milk ladder, eventually they both tolerated dairy and were fine for a long time drinking cows milk and eating cows milk products. However a few months ago both boys started up with gastric symptoms and upset tummies. After some consultant advice we switched to organic cows milk. Skeptical to make the switch Now, I was highly skeptical. I’m all for free range foods etc for the benefit of animal welfare but I have always felt that organic food was pretty much a cop out – unless I was…

  • World Cholangiocarcinoma awareness day 2019

    I’ll pretty much guarantee that 95% of you haven’t heard of cholangiocarcinoma or realised that it had its own awareness day. I wish I had never heard of it, beyond all my hopes, wishes and dreams as cholangiocarcinoma took my Dad away from me and my family, March 26th 2018. How I wish the name wouldn’t feel synonymous and almost part of my Dad, but now I hear that word I know what it does and what it did to us. As today is world cholangiocarcinoma awareness day, I felt it important to share the signs and symptoms of this horrible, relentless diseases that took my dad. What is it?…

  • New year… Pneumonia!

    I am so glad it’s February as I write this because as fresh New Years go this one has been pretty crap, illness has struck us once again and I ended up in hospital for five days with pericarditis (again) and pneumonia. I’ve never had pneumonia before but let me tell you it hit me like a truck and I have never, ever felt so exhausted, not even in those early newborn days. Anyway, I’m home now and apart from it delaying the start of my new job (eek!) things have improved. I love my new job and it’s great to be back being a nurse again after months out…

  • Aquaphor- keeping skin hydrated this winter

    As much as I love the winter, crisp mornings with heavy fog with a dark start and dark end to the day, it does have an impact on my skin. As well as being a community nurse in a rural area, I also suffer from keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. Helping in the elements As a nurse, one thing I do more than anything else is wash my hands! As much as it’s a necessary pet of my job – ot does have a telling effect on my hands. They become dry, chapped and so irritated.    Once they split my hands are as much as an infection risk…

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