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Dexter- two month update 

So now Dexter is (already!!) 11 weeks old I thought it best to get a move on with his two month update and what stick out between weeks 4-8.The the last few weeks have flown by in a crazy haze, most importantly for us the reflux and CMPA are starting to settle after visits to…… Continue reading Dexter- two month update 

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Our first monster!

A few weeks ago I told you how Freddie had became frightened of the dark.  Well this week he has actively asked for his bed back in his room- and slept in it. Like a dream! Back to his old sleeping habits and I can tell that he is so much more rested and happy,…… Continue reading Our first monster!

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The wonder weeks

The past few days I have noticed Freddie seemed a bit more naggy than usual, needy, clingy and wanting more formula.I presumed it was the heat/change in weather but accordingly he might be approaching ‘The Wonder Week- Week 5’.According to The Wonder Weeks, The Wonder Weeks are stages in the baby’s development that can be noted by…… Continue reading The wonder weeks