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Newborn & New mum must haves 

Dexter is almost 6 months old and so lots of the newborn stage items have been packed away. I was ruthless this time and only kept what I knew made those newborn days a whole lot easier, rather than having everything just in case. Here’s our low down on what we loved.. Snuzpod- we used…… Continue reading Newborn & New mum must haves 

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Bye bye cradle cap thanks to Childs Farm

Dexter has been plagued with cradle cap since day one. We had mild success with coconut oil to soothe this when he was a few weeks old but then he became allergic to it and it made his scalp inflammed. I tried washing his hair more frequently, less frequently, using just water, using shampoo and…… Continue reading Bye bye cradle cap thanks to Childs Farm

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Beaba babycook plus review

As we are weaning early due to Dexter’s reflux I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what he was having so I could pinpoint any possible reflux flare up foods, or indeed allergy flare ups. Dexter has CMPA like his brother and I have found lots of foods aimed at weaning have milk added,…… Continue reading Beaba babycook plus review