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Peace of mind with a little Hero

We have had a long and tough battle with Dexter suffering from Silent Reflux. It has been more scary than I ever imagined as he has had a few episodes where he chokes on the thick acid, one time needing an ambulance because he stopped breathing and responding.My husband managed to eventually clear his airway…… Continue reading Peace of mind with a little Hero

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Dexter- two month update 

So now Dexter is (already!!) 11 weeks old I thought it best to get a move on with his two month update and what stick out between weeks 4-8.The the last few weeks have flown by in a crazy haze, most importantly for us the reflux and CMPA are starting to settle after visits to…… Continue reading Dexter- two month update 

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Back to basics with Kokoso [review]

Dexter was born two weeks early and still had lots of Vernix on him. I was pleased about this as it’s a natural moisturiser and barrier to the outside world for a little longer at least, on newborn skin. I noticed however that the areas where he didn’t have his protective layer were so dry,…… Continue reading Back to basics with Kokoso [review]