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My *ideal* hospital bag..

I’m rearranging my hospital bag for the hundredth time and each time I’m pretty sure I’m losing part of my sanity with each stash. With Freddie I’m sure I packed it once and I was happy..second time round I’m doubting everything and getting stressy over the most mundane things (big pants?) I would be more…… Continue reading My *ideal* hospital bag..

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Tipitoes foot impression [review]

I found pretty soon after having Freddie that the gift of choice was a hand or foot casting kit. Now, whilst they look good on the wall and impressive to imagine, the reality of creating one is not so clean. Wriggly fingers and a caggy handed Mum make for a fine mess of plaster and…… Continue reading Tipitoes foot impression [review]

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Do you feed your toddler too much?

The obesity crisis in Britain is always ringing in our ears and the latest survey that add to this is from The infant and toddler forum. The survey of 1000 parents showed that around 79% of kids in the 1-4 age bracket are given more than their recommended portion size for their age, especially with…… Continue reading Do you feed your toddler too much?