Wild swimming and why I love it

Last year I did something totally out of my comfort zone and went wild swimming. Once was in a small river in Wales and the second time was a river nearer to me in Shropshire, the river Teme which was delightfully still and deep.

Pretty much instantly I knew this was something that i needed to do again – its euphoric, a bold statement but it makes me feel amazing. The cold water is exhilarating and it’s so calming. once you step out to dry off the buzz I feel is like no other. I can honestly say too that once in the water my mind is quiet – no thoughts racing through, just me and the water.

I have continued my new hobby and now I crave it, trying out new spots and revisiting old favourites. The river Teme area is a beautiful secluded small beach with the large meander of the river allowing a place to swim. If there has been heavy rainfall, the beach is pretty much non-existent and the current is massively changed, ferocious toward the rapids area especially so. of course, this is something i bear in mind when assessing if/ where it is safe to swim.

It’s not just the river, I also love the sea, rolling with the waves is glorious and, on my birthday, I even swam with a seal at sunrise.

There are also huge lakes near me, natural pools and reservoirs which are perfect. Alderford lake is one such area, providing areas for water sports and swimming, the kids love it there too.
what I love about wild swimming is that it is something that i can keep solely for me, my time to unwind and relax, or i can involve the kids too. The love anything that features nature or outdoors and luckily always end up getting wet. It’s a great way for me to teach them about the benefits of nature but also the dangerous of water, how it much be respected and how strong and formidable it really can be. water shouldn’t be feared just respected.
I wanted to enter 2021 with an attitude of pushing myself more, getting out of my comfort zone and doing what I fear. The first time I went this year I was terrified, we went to the Brown Clee to a small pool near the summit, i was talking myself out of it and my husband flatly said, “if you don’t do it now, you never will” and he was right. I got in and did it, I was bloody proud of myself too. My boys couldn’t believe I did as it was SO cold, yet it felt fantastic – we even saw several great crested newts.

I highly recommend you give it a go, if you do go where are your favourite spots to go?

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