#ACEit challenge for mucky paws and pups! #gifted

In the mix of our family dynamic there are three cats, two dogs and two whirlwind boys and I’m not sure who is messiest. The dogs will endeavour to get mud everywhere and the boys will always get tomato based stains down their white polo shirts. It’s inevitable and it’s a way of the universe, I’ve come to accept that.

With the dogs we leave a towel by the backdoor in attempt to catch any muddy footprints before they come into the kitchen. However this means the towels (aka dog towels!) have become grey overtime and mud can be really tricky to wash out.

In the same vein the kids will always come home from school with a tomato based stain on their tops or end up spilling something down them at home. Overtime the polo shirts end up a horrible grey colour or the stains will be a light orange which shows up on the white background. It looks awful.

We have been given some ACE Ultra for Whites to try and honestly I am really really impressed with it and it has brightened and cleaned my whites fantastically. You can currently get some ACE Ultra for Whites available in Morrison’s.

Look how well these have come up – this is without pretreatment and just using with my usual liquitab.

The ACE Ultra not only removes stains and odours but it also gets rid of viruses and bacteria and at this current moment with all the COVID-19 issues, this is a massive plus point for me., as you know I’m a nurse and it’s important to me that I know I’m doing what I can to keep nasties at bay.

a bit of info about ACE for you –

  • It’s specifically formulated to help brighten dull whites 
  • It’s gentle on delicate clothes 
  • It tackles germs and odours, including viruses. That means not only do your clothes smell cleaner, they actually are cleaner – something even more important in the current climate. 
  • It’s concentrated, making it among the most affordable ways to keep white clothes looking bright!
  • Remember that it’s bleach based so should only be used on whites

This post is an entry for the #ACEit Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites, treat stains and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!

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