#ad Delicius Anchovy Fillets Rolled with Capers

This is a collaboration with Ciao Gusto.

One of my guilty pleasures is eating anchovies straight from the jar. That salty comforting taste is second to none and I covet them often.

My husband is the only one in the family who isn’t really keen so it tend to omit them from dishes he has. Other than that we cook with them a lot, I love them to add some zing to Bolognese, a real depth of flavour to lamb and another dimension to gravies.

one dish I have always wanted to have a go at making is tapenade, an anchovy and olive based spread that is as delicious on its own as it is slathered on fresh bread. We love these Delicius Anchovy Fillets Rolled with Capers in Olive Oil

  • Anchovies
  • one jar of pitted green or black olives (I prefer green)
  • proper butter
  • your favourite crusty bread of choice
  1. add the anchovies and olives to a blender. Blitz up to a medium mince, then add the oil from the anchovies. Blitz again.
  2. meanwhile, toast a thick wedge of crusty bread in the oven till golden and leave to cool slightly, so that when the butter is slathered on it doesn’t immediately melt.
  3. add a good dollop of the tapenade and enjoy.

As the anchovies are stuffed with capers, they bring an initial briney zing, before the glorious umami of the anchovies swathes in. It’s such a comforting sensation in the mouth and because they are softened in the curing process, there’s no need to worry about bones, lovely and smooth.

we got our anchovies from Ciao Gusto at Ocado, the easy way to get authentic Italian tastes delivered to your door. During November, these Delicius Anchovy Fillets Rolled with Capers in Olive Oil have 25% off! You can find them here https://ciaogusto.com

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