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I’m working in a paid relationship with MAOAM promoting its Mischief Hub, Get ideas at https://maoam.fun/

As a family we love a prank. My husband has passed on his mischievous streak to both the boys, and pranks and tricks are a daily occurrence. Freddie loves the suspense of waiting for the fun and Dexter loves the surefire laughs afterwards. When we got the opportunity to work with MAOAM and take inspiration from its Mischief Hub for our lighthearted pranks, we couldn’t resist! MAOAM, with its tasty sweets, encourages families to enjoy mischief together. As well as being great fun, family mischief is a real bonding experience and a way to encourage your children to be more free-spirited and to nourish their imaginations. Both of my boys are complete free spirits and it’s such a wonderful carefree quality to have and a real joy to be around. 

This is why we love Halloween, carte blanche as it were, to really go whole hog, dressing up and thinking of tricks for any trick-or-treaters that come to collect sweet wares. We also love being on the receiving end, getting drawn into a prank and laughing about it later is one of the great joys. Our estate goes all out on Halloween and so every year it’s exciting to see how it will be bettered – one year someone even wore a suit made of a bush and came alive when the trick or treaters came!

We always reiterate to the boys that pranks must be lighthearted and on the funny side, as of course, not everyone is a fan of a trick! Sometimes too the old grey matter can go a bit stale and we need some other inspiration for fresh ideas. So we head over to the MAOAM Mischief Hub and get some great, family-friendly ideas from Max (MAOAM’s chief mischief-maker) about great ways to create mischief.

After all, is there anything better than making someone laugh? I love making people laugh at work as I know it helps boost morale. As a child it helped me overcome those shy situations by being the prankster. I think this is where it helps my son Freddie too.

After our recent look at the MAOAM Mischief Hub, we were inspired to create some fun pranks at home, just in time for Halloween and getting our trick on.

Freddie decided that a super twist on the water bucket over the door gag would be a great one to do, slightly switched around so that the water was a ‘waterfall of MAOAM sweets’ and also the dogs didn’t get wet. Fair point! We found our Halloween bucket and loaded it up and waited for our unsuspecting victim and WHAM!

Our second prank was a super easy food one: We made Daddy a lovely vanilla ice cream cornet with some lovely MAOAM toppings and wasn’t he in for a treat… especially since the ‘ice cream’ was mashed potato! That’s one prank he will remember for a long time.

What are your favourite pranks and mischief to do with your children? 

Head over to the MAOAM Mischief Hub for great ideas from Max and his helpers Dick and Dom! You can also find locations of events around the country that MAOAM are holding to encourage mischief! Visit https://maoam.fun/ now to get the mischief started! 

You can also have a look at some fun ideas that others have tried via MAOAM’s social media channels –

Instagram: @MAOAM_UK

Twitter: @OfficialMAOAM

Facebook: MAOAM UK


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