Devon cliffs – A weekend break

Just over a week and a bit into the new “back to school” routine since CoVid madness and we drove down the M5 to Devon cliffs.

Devon cliffs

We all love the sea and any time spent near the ozone air and lapping of the waves is enough to satisfy us, so we trundled down on the Friday night after the first full week of school and took residence at Devon cliffs Holiday park.

we have been here before, it’s a perfect caravan site and had easy access to the beach, we worried earlier in the year it would be cancelled like our trip to Norfolk, but thankfully we got to go.

I’ll do another post about our accommodation and the site in the week. For now this is just were we went in the weekend we were here.

Sandy bay

This bay is the beach which is connected to Devon cliffs holiday park, after a walk down a little hill from the car park, you are greeted with a sprawling, flat beach that is edged with sandstone cliffs. There are also areas for rock pooling and there is life guard presence most of the year to show were swimming is safest, I even had a little swim myself!

It makes for a glorious back drop to a sunset (or sunrise if you can get hauled out of bed early enough) and the water is pretty clear too.

We did have a little seagull snack attack but luckily Dexter have them what for and he just about managed to eat his ice cream in peace after having his burger snaffled!

Charmouth beach

We nipped up to Charmouth to explore the pebble beach that is littered with sea glass and fossils, if you are lucky you may find some pyritised ammonites (we didn’t) but the sea glass haul was one of our best!

They do have a fossil guide who will give you a tour of the best places to go and the history of the beach, as well as there being lots of local collectors to spot with hammers breaking open rocks and carrying treasure home. Towards the cliff area where the fossils are more prevalent (so I’m told) it was MUCH busier with people hunting for some aged treasures, so we didn’t head over as I wanted to maintain social distancing and didn’t want to be in a busy area.

Parking is right on the beach and toilets are here too.

Beer beach

On our way back from Charmouth we headed to Beer to get food and have a look a the stony beach that has little boats scattered around.

We had lunch from “Woozie’s Deli” which is SO my kind of shop. Even though we were in Devon, we threw caution to the wind and had a handmade Cornish pasty – delicious it was too.

Beer seemed a lot more popular, more cars and more people so I think it would be the case that if you go, choose a weekday rather than a weekend. We went on a Saturday and it was busy.

Now it’s Monday and back to it – albeit with some sunburnt shoulders for me and lots of new freckles.

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