How our home adapts to kids and pets

Our family is quite big, as well as the four of us humans there are also five fur babies – two dogs and three cats. We discovered long ago that to keep some harmony (and sanity!) we would need to make adjustments within our four walls to keep things tidy, hygienic and easy to maintain.


Ok so this is was already a feature of our home, but one we had always wanted – a kitchen that backed onto the back garden rather than the front garden. Simply for the fact that muddy wellingtons, mucky paws and tiny little cat feet are in and out all the time so to keep it in thge kitchen were we have LVT (vinyl flooring) makes it easy to steam and clean without trapcing throughout the house. This also means that on the rainiest of days, garden play can carry on and any mess contained to one room and cleaning simplified.

Hard wearing stair carpets

Our stair carpet is a dark beige/ light brown. Due to it being a high traffic area I wanted to ensure we had something that would withstand lots of use but also be easy to disguise high use. We choose a tight woven carpet that can be bleached, which is also easy to hoover off any animal hair due to its tight weave.

Hard flooring

As much as carpet is lovely underfoot, downstairs we have all hard flooring, hallway and kitchen are all Vinyl tile and our living room is wooden flooring. The simplicity to clean it makes it a swizz to stay on top of – a quick vacuum or sweep and gentle mop is all it takes to keep in tip top condition and really fresh. Contrary to popular belief I always find it warm underfoot and with a high quality underlay it isn’t noisy either ( twenty paws worth of noise also backs this up!) Solid wood flooring always looks finished and tidy and really gives a wonderful atmosphere to the home.

Leather sofa

Having previously had a fabric sofa with three clawing cats, we realized pretty soon that leather was the way forward. It has acted as more of a deterrent to clawing, as well as being a savior for any spilt drinks (or anything else…!) that the kids have done. Just wipe and go. We keep it in tip top condition by applying a leather cream to keep it soft and hydrated for longevity.

Pet hair Vaccum

Another must have for us is a specialist pet hair vacuum. I love our animals but I cannot stand pet hair, to be honest I also shed as much hair as the dogs. Vacuums made for this purpose make all the difference in getting up all the fine hair as well as having a tool to help remove it. We vacuum everyday ans it still shocks me at how much we pick up. They also have a more efficient hypoallergenic filter (HEPA) and so can massively help with allergies that can come with having pets.

what ways do you keep your home running smoothly for family members, if you have pets do you have any tips and tricks for me?

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