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I’ve found with both of my boys that initially, brushing their teeth was a mild obsession. They adored it and it became the must do activity, several times a day.

But, as times goes on and the novelty wears off and the mornings of tearing my hair out over a “can you PLEASE just brush your teeth” argument gets more frequent. I love my teeth and have always looked after them well, so this has always been a massive factor in my parenting, look after your teeth, especially as their adult teeth are hiding under those baby milk teeth.

Its been less of a battle lately because I have tried to up the fun factor when we are brushing. The easiest way is a toothbrush race between me and the boys. I set the timer for two minutes and off we go! I make sure they get extra points for times spent on those tricky back of the teeth areas too. Did you know that that children who develop cavities in their baby teeth are more likely to develop cavities as an adult?

Another fun way, which the boys love, but horrified me as a kid, is to use disclosing tablets. These highlight area which need a more thorough cleaning and sometimes it still surprises me now, when my teeth feel clean but actually they need a but more attention. It really highlights just how dirty your teeth can get.

A simple but sure fire way to get fun back into brushing is with a funky toothbrush. We love these character brushes from Colgate – we brought ours from Waitrose, which have the added bonus of also being a battery operated tooth brush, having an oscillating head with soft bristles to give a really thorough clean. The battery is included and it really gives me peace of mind that a good cleanse of those pearly whites and also makes it easy for me to give them a second brush to make sure they have covered all surfaces. They especially love this minions design, even at silly AM when Dexter opens his eyes and announces that its “Tuffbrush TIYIIME”

Do you have any fun ways of getting your kids more interested in their oral health? I would love to hear some other ways.

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