Fresh Flooring for Fresh Starts – How Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the Best Foot Forward

With the new normal starting to take effect, more and more people are looking at the way they live, where they live and how to change.

Whilst some people opt for buying a new home, others look to spruce up their surroundings should they ever need to find themselves indoors for longer periods of time.

Now more than ever people are looking for sustainable floors that can last longer and withstand the constant use that working from home entails.

Light and Dark Woods

Exploring the potential of a more natural environment for your floor opens up an amazing range of wood styled vinyl planks. Light woods for that back to nature feel or dark woods for that sophisticated vibe, the palettes available to give your new look home a glowing identity are plentiful.

Fancy mixing your styles to showcase different rooms? Then why not mix and match your flooring and give a different sense to each room.

Stone Effect LVT

You don’t need to be a king in order to make your home your castle.

The distinct look of stone style vinyl flooring offers a more secure and protected layer than having real stone throughout your space. With stunning concrete, clay and graphite designs you can fully replicate beautiful laid flooring that won’t chip or crack with everyday use or exposure to temperature.

Whether looking to replicate an industrial feel for the home or giving your living room a sense of nobility, stone effect vinyl gives you comfort and warmth instead of cold feet.


Abstract vinyl flooring is all about personality and designs for those looking for something a little different.

Unique designs such as weave and ridge give a room a sense of playfulness and character and look great in bronze, pebble or smoke palettes. The main reason people like abstract is down to the bespoke contemporary design but also the beautiful aesthetic that it provides.

Cheaper than the Real Thing

Luxury vinyl tile and planks are not just an easy to install option, but also a much cheaper alternative in securing and maintaining over the real thing.

The easy clean technologies of vinyl provide a much preferred product over a carpet, reducing the costs of cleaning products and eliminating the wear and tear that a carpet would take over time. Not requiring countless chemicals to clean up a spill or imprint from accidents in the home saves you money and time.

Saving costs on installation is another huge benefit as it does not necessarily take a professional to fit together your flooring, although if you prefer the glue down tile option it may be a necessity if you don’t feel up to the task. Any damaged partitions of your flooring can be easily replaced individually also, something that real wood and stone would cause a disruption to your floor.

Expert Opinions

There are many suppliers of Luxury Vinyl and each has their own unique and bespoke ranges on offer.

Amtico is a nation’s leading favourite that offers a vast selection of ranges within their Signature Collection, Spacia, and Form. Each range is something for everyone, from Plaza Concrete to Embossed Wood and beyond to really give your new home a touch of elegance. Luvanto is a popular favourite that incorporates cutting edge designs within Endure Pro, Parquet and Pace ranges. Check out their electric Smokey Maple and Black Sparkle products to really light a fire in your home. Invictus can urbanise your space using plank and tile replicas of natural elements which can be host to border and layering options.

With your focus on flooring for your home at the beginning of your search, you can build a reliable future with luxury vinyl flooring that won’t require a change even if you do. �x����

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