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When I was at a college I studied A level media. This was a course I really enjoyed and excelled in, whilst also in a way paving and shaping my future blog.

I loved being creative and trying different ways of putting out unique content. I didn’t just like to stick to the readily available templates, layouts and fonts, I used to gin download packs where I could ensure I was putting out something different and more unique.

Of course, the internet and software we have now is very different and we are spoilt for choice, but it is always nice to venture out and see what’s out there for ease, originality and speed. It also means that competition is his and finding your niche and identifiable branding is something your need to achieve and succeed in on the first attempt.

A new one for me, is font bundles. Having a massive array of fonts for all occasions, styles, genres and projects, there is literaly so much choice to find that style which is “you”. They also pride themselves on having font freebies available to download every week.

The website is simple but very easy and smooth to use, you can peruse the fonts available but lots of different catergories and even see the previews in the filters. This is really great for imaging your idea in the real world and seeing exactly how that particular font would work for you. You can search by “script” for example and see all the related fonts. It really is something to see the variety that is there! You can also just search via the free fonts, which again is super helpful.

There are fonts listed by topic such as new fonts, dollar deals, deals and also bundles, so you can have a bigger pack for your money. You can see how important fonts are here. With a super fast instant download you won’t waste any time at all at getting creative and getting the font warmed up and in use ready for your project.

another section I really love is the tattoo fonts section. A really wide range of selection for hand written style fonts that are the essence of tattoo. As they have such an iconic feel for them they are ideal for sign writing and logos to provide a striking and signature look to a project. Bold and wild or fine and delicate – the look is there. The contemporary look of tatto fonts also offer themselves for more modern projects.

I have seen some tattoo fonts which would lend themselves perfectly for my blog branding and really give it an iconic bold look. I can’t wait to really get involved in choosing what font I will use for my rebrand and hopefully give my blog the feel I have always been after – if you have been thinking about doing this too, go and have a search, it really is the resource I could have done with years ago!

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