Rediscovering our local area in lockdown

I still find it hard to comprehend what the past 11 weeks or so have brought and I haven’t wrote about it. The Worldwide change that has happened and the absolute Catastrophic devastation caused by the virus. To get through, and try and keep things normal, I’ve learned appreciate what we have and what’s around us – I’m sure like many people.

At first when my husband was furloughed and both boys where at home, I was so frustrated at coming home from work in the hospital, to being surrounded by the stringent nothingness. I wanted to get out, get away, drive off. Anything – just because we couldn’t.

It was hard fitting in homeschool when on my days off I just wanted to be with Freddie without school work, or queing for hours at the shops, or answering his questions of “when can we see Nanny?” “When is the Virus gone” There seemed to be nothing positive and all the time I knew there were people having their lives destroyed, missing loved ones and unable to be with them when they needed them. Our situation was a drop in the ocean to that.

So, we embraced what was around us. We live in Shropshire and it’s so beautiful and picturesque at the best of times but now it was a solace that was ours to explore.

At first it was our immediate area, looking at it in new ways and going different routes to our usual walks. We were excited to go out and get outside. That excercise slot per day was cherished!

As the lockdown eased a little we went the places that we had been to before and it was a lovely release. The hot weather, places to walk, run, escape to, really helped.

Our most loved asset however, is the garden. Endless days, sat outside, dinners outside, in the paddling pool, learning with Daddy outside, looking for “creatures” it’s been invaluable. I hadn’t realised how much outdoor time we had enjoyed until the rain came to spoil it!

I do find it sad that there are more cars on the road, more rubbish around and things are starting to get back to a very slight normality. I have got used to this lockdown bubble and it’s really hard to fathom coming out of it, the slow pace, appreciating that we need very minimal things to be content. Of course we miss our family and doing things on a whim, but there is just some sort of reset button that has come with all this that I needed. I’m even getting better at teaching maths to Freddie, it’s definitely his Daddy’s area.

I hope you are all doing ok, getting through and staying safe. It’s the weirdest time.

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