Avoiding accidents on the road

Want to avoid a car accident? Follow this advice 

We all know someone who’s been involved in some kind of car accident. Such incidents are always well documented in the news and on social media, it’s enough to make us throw away our car keys for good! Driving on the road can be daunting, especially when you take reckless drivers and other selfish road users into account. However, you shouldn’t let the possibility of being involved in a crash limit your independence or trigger your anxiety. John Foy car accident lawyers are just a phone call away if you have a personal injury query. 

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to avoid becoming involved in a car accident. Read on to find out more. 

Don’t drive distracted

We’ve all taken our eyes off the road for a moment to do something non-driving related. Whether that’s to reach for a snack, skip a song, or glance back at the kids whilst they argue on the back seat. Sadly, distracted driving is responsible for a large number of road accidents each year. So, it’s worth remembering that things can change in an instant, and taking your eyes off the road for a second could leave you unable to react in time. So, put away your phone, pull over and ask the kids to settle down and save the snacks for when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Do regular car maintenance 

When was the last time you checked your oil levels? Do you know how to check your tyre pressure and pump them up? Conducting regular car maintenance will ensure that your car performs as it should. Worn brake discs won’t react as well as you want them to if you have to sudden brake. Check things over every couple of weeks.

Look ahead

As a driver, you need to be aware of what’s going on around you and that also means looking ahead. Keep an eye on where you’re headed, and it’ll allow you to prepare for upcoming hazards and other drivers. 

Don’t tailgate

Stuck behind a super slow driver? Yes, it’s frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you should tailgate. It’s aggressive and puts other drivers on edge, making a crash more likely. Also, if the driver you’re tailgating brakes suddenly, you won’t have enough time to react so you’re likely to drive into the back of them. Leaving you embarrassed, with a ruined car and a hefty bill. 

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