#Ad – a summer update with Protest

After the glorious sunshine we have had recently, I am more than ready to welcome summer back into our lives. This year too, I’m embracing online shopping more and this has been helped by the choice offered via Protest.

I was offered a selection of clothing from the Protest website, which stocks sportswear and accessories from women’s bikinis to sunglasses, flip flops to Men’s swimwear. I chose a dress and flip flops for me, a hoody and T-shirt for my husband and a T-shirt that Dex chose for himself.

The Protest website is really easy to use and features and simple yet accurate measuring system to ensure you get the correct fit delivered to your home. Returns are easy (if needed!) but I’m happy to say all our items arrived fitting perfectly and well presented. You can define your search too, so maybe you need a push up bikini or a snow suit – you can filter it and find it easily.

I chose for myself a gorgeous black sundress with small flower details. It’s really light and airy and has been perfect for these hot days. It fits true to size and comes to my knee on my 5’8 frame – just as I expected. Even more of a bonus… it has pockets. What more can you ask for! To go with my dress I brought a pair of bronzed flip flops with also for true to size and very comfortable.

My husband chose a hoody (he practically lives in them so it’s an investment!) and a T-shirt. Both fit true to size again and have washed really well. I’m so impressed with the quality of these items too.

Dex chose himself a surf T-shirt, which initially I thought was a big error due to it being white. However it’s washed without going grey and withstands his grubby paws!

I was pleased to see that ordering across the range of men’s, women’s and children’s we had successful orders that fit to size, the dream really with online ordering.

The website has a vast array of items from triangle bikinis to winter coats and snow suits to beach bags. There really is something for everyone. Whilst the items are mid range in pricing, this does reflect in the quality of items we brought so I am pleased with this.

Protest have offered my followers this 10% discount code – freddie10. This coupon is valid until 30 June 2020, so see if there is anything that catches your eye!

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