gifted – Petit Jovial luxury vegan skincare

I’m always looking for the product which makes the mundane and everyday seem that little bit more special. Things are testing for everyone at the moment so its nice to see an increase of self care to get us through.

Typically the skin care products in this house are for the boys so that they can have a fun and nourishing bathtime, that’s fine, but sometimes I crave that slice of heaven too Rather than just hopping in and out the shower. I was gifted a skin care set from Peitit Jovial and thought that the perfect time to try it was after a long, 12.5 hour shift with tired feet and aching bones.

Petit Jovial skincare is vegan, with no nasties made in England with all natural ingredients. Gentle and caring enough for even newborns but also effective enough for adults alike, too. I was sent ‘The essential bundle’ which compromises of nourishing multi purpose balm, nourishing bath oil and massage and scalp oil.

The bath oil smells wonderful – lavender, geranium and clary sage. It’s a relaxing and calming smell and really soothes the keratosis pilaris I have on my arms, you emerge from the bath feeling so nourished and replenished. After the bath for both myself and the boys I warm some of this between my hands and it doubles as a gorgeous bedtime scented oil to wind down with.

The scalp oil I use for both myself and Freddie who suffers from dry scalp, myself having psoriasis. It really helps soften and lift the dry skin ready to be shampooed out as normal. It is also a wonderful stand alone massage oil and Dexter is quite taken with a foot massage!

We love having a ‘proper’ bath as we call it with the oil added as it really is a wind down, luxury treat we can use everyday. we all need a little slice of solace and this is the perfect way.

I use the nourishing balm daily, with washing my hands so often they become so dry, so this is a really luxurious way of treating them at bedtime to restore some moisture. It also doubles as a lip balm and fab little wonder balm for any dry skin patches. Dex has a few patches of dermatitis that can flare up with certain clothing or detergents so I do apply this to some these prone areas as a form of barrier cream. Its even gentle enough to be used as a nipple cream.

You can get your own set from here

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