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2 hour easy bread. No knead and delicious

I once had a bread maker and made bread twice. Twice. Things are going to change with this 2 hour easy bread though!

Cooking and baking are two things I adore, yet I have never made actual, homemade bread. It always seems too long to wait for, too much of a hassle and too many ingredients that I don’t have.

2 hour easy bread

2 hour easy bread

Well actually it’s super easy, super fast and the only ingredient that I don’t readily have is yeast (this even uses just regular plain flour!) It’s also really good for kids to get in and make with you, the dough is quite forgiving as Dexter manhandled it within an inch of its life and it was still a magnificent loaf. You could also get them making the butter to slather on top with my homemade butter in a jar.

This blog post will show you how to make really fast , 2 hour easy bread, with no kneading and the most wonderful crusty outside, perfect for adding to an evening meal for when crusty bread just can’t be beat. Or even just to slather with chocolate spread. Or top with bacon and slow roast tomatoes.

It’s perfect for kids

**bit of an edit here – things are unpredictable at the moment with corona virus and so it might be a struggle to get yeast or flour. Or both. I eventually got some after a few day’s waiting for plain flour so hang in there. When you see it, get it.

Glorious stretchy dough


400g plain flour
7g (one sachet) quick acting dried yeast
1tsp salt
360ml hot tap water (not boiling water!)


  1. Sift flour into bowl. Add yeast, salt and hot water.
  2. mix well until all combined, scraping the sides of the bowl down. It should be a sticky, tacky mixture
  3. cover the bowl with cling film and leave to rest for one hour.
  4. when the dough has fifteen minutes to go, turn on and whack the oven up to 230c and leave to heat up.
  5. once the dough has rested for the whole hour, it should be significantly larger in volume. Generously flour a work surface and turn out the flour.
  6. fold over in halves about ten times and bring into a ball. There is no need… to knead! You can dust it with flour to stop it sticking. Bring the “seam” of the round underneath to rest on.
  7. leave to rest in a lined proving dish With greaseproof ideally (I don’t have one, I use a colander lined with foil!!!) dust this liberally so that the dough baby doesn’t stick.
  8. Leave for 15 minutes then transfer to the heated Dutch oven/baking dish with lid via the foil. I use a cast iron casserole pot with lid. I flip the dough baby (carefully) seam side up before I transfer for a nice ridge, this isn’t necessary though!
  9. Leave to cook for 30 minutes, then remove the lid and cook till the crust is your desired colouring. This loaf pictured was 7 minutes for a golden brown top. It depends on your oven.
  10. Remove from oven and carefully remove from the pot to cool. It should have a nice hollow sound when tapped.
  11. enjoy!

Easy and versatile

The loaf is really adaptable to add flavours, olives, rosemary – what ever you fancy. I’m going to try it in a focaccia style with less cooking time and some added ingredients. You can also leave it to prove longer than the hour, for a nice holey, deep flavoured loaf. Experiment!

let me know how your 2 hour easy bread turns out and your favourite flavours!

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