Cars of the future

What will cars of the future look like?

Have you ever wondered what the automotive industry will be like in the next 50 years? The way we move around is evolving and with attitudes towards fossil fuels and the environment playing a huge role in our purchases and choices, it seems that the way we get from A to B is going to look very different in the not too distant future.

So, what kind of changes can we expect to see? And what will cars of the future look like? Read on to find out more.

Fuel sources 

So, what will be powering the vehicles of the future? We’re all well aware of the contributions that fossil fuels have on greenhouse emissions and the impact it’s having on our planet. Not forgetting that levels of fossil fuels will gradually begin to decline over time. So, what exactly will our vehicles be fuelled by? We’re all familiar with the soaring popularity of the electric car – despite its huge price tag. But it’s predicted that we’ll probably move onto electric or fuel cell vehicles, simply because of the limited pollutants they produce (as long as the energy source is created using renewable energies). 

However, if this were the case then it’s not just the changes on the roads that you’d see, we could also witness a whole new infrastructure that supports the move to electric cars. Multiple charging stations that replace traditional gas stations, points on the high street and in parking lots, as well as charging points on properties, or the possibility of roads being able to charge vehicles whilst on the move – the possibilities are seemingly endless. But a lot would have to change before we got there!

Fully connected 

Some of the latest car models already boast incredible online features. But it’s predicted, to keep up with the demands of today’s online world, the vehicles of the future will not only be able to provide us with up to the minute weather updates, traffic reports, accidents, the condition of your vehicle and information about your current location but the vehicle itself will also react to this information too. Whether it’s changing direction to avoid congestion, communicating with other vehicles, driving to a sudden change in weather conditions and all whilst keeping you and passengers entertained through various media. 

Who’ll be driving?

We’re all familiar with cruise control. But the next big step is a fully automated vehicle that requires no input from the driver whatsoever. These kinds of cars are already in the design or testing stages – such as the Google Car – these kinds of vehicles will use a huge array of cameras, sensors and lasers to build a complete 3D world around the vehicle that it can react to accordingly. Not all cars will be automated, but automated public transport is certainly a possibility. 

What could they look like?

Stylish cabins, multimedia sources, downloadable themes and styles to match your personality. Touchscreen surfaces are everywhere these days and while you can still expect them to play a part in the cars of tomorrow, we’ll probably see these evolve into gesture controls, with movements monitored with internal car cameras so the car knows who’s asking it to do what!

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