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SAID dal 1923 – Hot Chocolate in London

A few weeks ago we took Freddie to London and I knew I wanted to get to Said dal 1923 to try one of their amazing Hot Chocolates. The thickest and richest Hot Chocolate in London, made with melted chocolate and not cocoa powder – yes please. We have tried and failed to get there twice in our last two visits, so it was high up on the agenda this time!


After getting into London we headed to the Rathbone place shop as this was really near to where we were staying. It was just as I imagined it, a traditional looking gorgeous little coffee shop in the most perfect location. One thing I didn’t expect though was that there was no que! I wondered if at first it was closed as I had read that queing out the doors for a seat is common place. However, we had just dropped lucky and it was obviously meant to be, so we headed inside.

Inside Said dal 1923

The interior of family run Said dal 1923 welcomes you with a display of chocolate moulds, extensive dessert displays, gorgeous wooden tables and chocolate making paraphernalia dotted all around the shop. It adds the most wonderful atmosphere and lots of chocolate themed inspiration for gifts to take home. It’s mostly natural lighting and this gives a lovely, warm relaxed feel to the interior. It’s very clean and there is also a toilet.

We had our menus but I already knew what I wanted, their signature hot chococolate. My husband had this best selling mocha and Freddie had an edible cup, saucer and spoon set which was filled with melted chocolate. There is free fresh water available too, which is help yourself.

Hot chocolate with Melted triple chocolate drip

This was the goal for me. I didn’t even have to peruse through the menu too look for anything else, the only tough choice was the size (I had medium) and in what variation? Milk, Dark or gianduja (hazelnut flavour chocolate) I went for the dark.

I also opted for the milk, white and dark drip coating. This was an excellent choice I must say as the dimension it add is amazing and it’s so, SO thick, it’s like an extra chocolate in itself. All over my hands, dripping on my chin and all over the saucer. It was delectable filth.

I’ll stop now that I have never, ever had a hot chocolate like this, I still crave it now and I wish I could make it at home. It was so thick and rich, thick enough that it coated the spoon and slowly trickled off, rich enough that I couldn’t manage the large one (I know, who even am I?!) it really was exquisite.

The hot chocolate really is very rich, so much so that I planned to have some white chocolate cheesecake there (this flew out of the desert display while we we there and I learnt this was also very popular) but I simply couldn’t as the chocolate was so rich. I think sharing one with a desert would be perfect or having the small. It is just so, SO delicious.

Mocha with melted triple chocolate drip

Hubby loves chocolate but also can’t say know to a good coffee, so his choice was the mocha. He had this with the drip too and it went perfectly with the coffee.

I did try and and the mocha was really delicious, but for me the gold star has to go to the signature hot choc. Saying that I think a good combo would be a small hot chocolate and a mocha. Best of both worlds but not too overpowering.

Chocolate cup, saucer and spoon filled with molten chocolate

Freddie did initially choose chocolate dipped strawberries but he settled in a small chocolate cup, spoon and saucer filled with melted chocolate. He devoured this in approximately 1.2 seconds and stated that it was “epic” of course he had to try my hot chocolate, begrudgingly I let him and I think, well actually I’m sure, it changed his little life. The spoon melted into the warm chocolate with a little stir, bloody sublime – then you get to eat the rest like an Alice in Wonderland “eat me drink me” scenario.

Service at Said dal 1923

I was a little reserved that Freddie might be a bit too young to be in Said dal 1923 but he was welcomed by the waitresses and they even asked him about his Lego set that he was playing on the table with. There were a few young families inside and it was a very relaxed atmosphere, this added to the slow, laid back atmosphere to sip the thick, unctuous chocolate in.

Said dal 1923 hot chocolate

The waitresses were friendly, warm and very efficient, even recommending the best items to try for people who were struggling with such a difficult task. A lady came in with a huge order to take away and the allergy options were easily discussed by the waitress for the best choice. Excellent service.

If you get the chance go and visit, you will not be disappointed and I can’t wait to get back to have more. I crave it daily!

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