How I manage my workload day to day

Now I’m back at work, I had to schedule my blogging time carefully. I can’t sit and do a day whenever I feel like it as my rota falls on different says so I tend to have different days off. It’s something I never really thought about before I was back at work but I definitely took for granted the freedom it gave me!

However, apart from this time organisation factor it actually has some benefits and it allows me to find a way to sync both systems seamlessly (most of the time)

  • It allows me to give myself designated time for my blogging work. Before I snuck this into my day to day life and stop/started it to how the family needed me, now I can focus better because I have a planned time.
  • u set myself up desk working area at home for my blog work, I do find it’s given me a better work ethos and I feel more productive.
  • I also however, do some work when I’m not a nurse at the library work zone – the acoustic pods allow me to totally separate myself from the surroundings and I feel I’m in an organised but private space to make conference phone calls with no interference
  • I use a handwritten and an app based diary system. That way I have two back ups and one always with me so I can update hospital shifts and schedule blog details in.

I was daunted at first but it’s a lovely feeling to work in two totally separate worlds but have them work so well together for me.

how do you organise your work life?

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