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One thing I wish was emphasised to me before I had children the sheer speed that school shoes deteriorate even before the end of the school term is on the horizon. Freddie has trashed, I mean completely trashed so many pairs just through play time football and general rough and tumble that I had pretty much given up expecting any longevity.

We have tried expensive shoes, the cheapest shoes and middle of the road brands.

Honestly, it makes no difference. It gets to a point when even some shoe polish and a quick buff up is futile as the leather is embarrassingly obliterated beyond recognition.

I was curious when Treads shoes contacted me to see if I wanted to try their footwear. A 12 month indestructible guarantee? I will be straight with you I took this as more of a challenge than a sweeping statement as I was sure that Fred could be the child to smash this idea. Treads state that you can return the shoes to them within 12 months from the day of purchase they are that confident!

I choose a pair of school shoes for Fred to put to the test, as football is always on the break time agenda I choose the “London” shoe as it has a bit of a buffer at the front of the shoe which looks pretty protective. Obviously this review today won’t have a long enough duration of how we got on, pretty much a first impressions kind of thing but I intend to do a 6 month update etc so you can see how we are doing.

Whaf I like straight off is they look so tough and hard wearing with a fabulously robust grib on the sole. Despite this they are really light to hold and so will be comfy when Freddie was walking, this is a massive positive for us as he batters his old shoes to beyond holding a shape and they must feel like a slipper as they have no support! The double Velcro fastening is easy for him to adjust himself and quick to get done on a school run dash.

Freddie has really wide feet and with the Treads shoes you can allow for this by using or on the contrary not using the width insole. This is a great idea for flexibility within a shoe as you can’t always get the size you want in the width you want in the style you want.

I have a competition for you to win your very own pair of Treads shoes and put them to the test! The competition is love now so enter below!

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