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Exploring outside is my family’s favourite thing to do, especially in a new area or like we are now in the change of a new season, finding all those golden, red crispy leaves.

Our half term has just started so along with bonfires and firework displays we will be out and about collecting acorns, leaves and other natural treasures to bring home.

One place the boys love to go, is what we call the “face tree” a big old oak tree that has eyes and a mouth with a huge branch arm! He looks really spooky and even more so in the dusky light of the clocks going back. The boys wanted to go and feed him some leaves and sticks. Which I thought was a great idea, he must be hungry!

Whilst collecting the various “foods” for the face tree, the boys learn about the world around them. Deciduous trees, acorns, identifying trees by the leaves and how the soil we are walking on has broken down from leaves that dropped past autumns ago. I remember learning like this with my dad and I know it’s stuck with me since I was little, so it’s lovely to see the same happening for them. I love outdoor learning but it’s also true that lots of parents are put off by it.

According to a NEW survey by Savlon advanced healing gel, modern parents are more cautious than ever before about their children playing outdoors. 

Despite agreeing that outdoor play is important for children’s development (94%) and that minor scrapes are an important part of growing up (94%), modern mums and dads express worry about letting their children enjoy traditional outdoor past times such as splashing in puddles and picking berries, with 2/3 of parents believing that indoor play is safer for their child than outdoor play.  

Of course, no adventure would be complete without some sort of cut or scrape and we usually have one a pair when we explore with the boys – it’s a given that it’s going to happen. 

Adventurer, Will Copestake states: “There is enormous value in giving children the freedom to roam and discover things first hand. It’s really important for children to discover certain risks and dangers for themselves rather than just being warned of them by an adult. Children very quickly bounce back from mishaps and heal well. It’s important for parents to remember that there’s nothing wrong with getting a few cuts and bruises and scrapes!”

That’s why when we were contacted by Savlon advanced healing gel to try out their Advanced Healing Gel, I was sure it would be an essential part of my adventure kit!

The ly have been treating the nation’s bumps and grazes for over 50 years, with their first aid kit essential antiseptic cream and now have a large range of products to help heal lots of minor injuries. The Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is hydro-active colloid and provides the base for optimum wound healing – as a nurse I know how important it is to get the right conditions for healing and to reduce scarring.

Scrapes and grazes are going to happen, especially out and about – it can be a bit daunting if you have a wound and no protection. It was a great feeling to have the confidence that you can get the wound sorted and protected, allowing it to heal whilst you carry on playing! The Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is scent and mess free, just apply and go. It’s small enough to keep in your bag or rucksack of treasure whilst you get on with exploring! You can find more about Savlon advanced healing gel here www.savlon.co.uk or you can purchase the healing gel from https://www.superdrug.com/Savlon/Savlon-Healing-Gel-50g/p/465488

This is a collaboration with Savlon advanced healing gel .

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