(Ad) new look Thorntons on Birmingham High Street

This post is an Ad in collaboration with Thorntons. Last week I attended the opening of the light and airy, new look Thorntons store on Birmingham High Street. This was a little sneak peek before the public unveiling of the new store on September 11th. It was fabulous to see the new detailing of the store, and also the passion and love that goes into every single Thorntons chocolate, from the truffles to ice creams to models.

For me, Thorntons is a brand that is synonymous with two things, tradition and history and with over 100 years of tradition behind the name, Thorntons delivers just that. Launched in 1911, Joseph Thornton had the ethos of having “the best sweet shop in town”, and, witnessing the store on Birmingham’s City High Street, it proudly offers that.

The new-look store offers bright, clear visuals enabling you to see (and hone in!) on each station around the store. The stations flow perfectly around the shop fit,  but are also different enough to be able to locate each area like the Craftery, personalisation station, chocolate fountain and chocolate models. 

To celebrate the new-look Thorntons Birmingham High Street store opening, the team at Thorntons asked me to show how I ‘Pass The Love On’ by sharing the bespoke chocolate box I created at their new Craftery. This part of the store was fascinating, you can learn about every single chocolate in front of you, from creation, to flavours and even the hand finishing. It was a difficult choice to select my nine favourites. Luckily the staff members are so well educated on the products that they have so much passion for, it’s easy to find out exactly what you need to know.

The next station that blew my mind was the personalisation station, where a level five ‘icer’ can add your chosen message and decoration to some wonderful chocolate models. Our ‘icer’ had a fascinatingly steady hand, it put my nursing nerves of steel to shame! She was also helpful in advising the colours or extra decoration that would look good on our chosen items too. 

Next door to this is the Chocolate Block library. This is an organisational dream as it literally is a library of chocolate flavours in the most satisfying packaging. If this wasn’t enough, they are also presented in a “booklet” of flavours, sealed with a signature in a house bow. They are almost too good to open. Almost.

It’s an experience in itself to peruse the shop with a milkshake or hot chocolate in hand, and the hard part is trying to decide exactly what to come away with! If you are in Birmingham definitely head over and have a nosy in the new-look store.

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