Finding the light this autumn

We have just come back from and end of summer mini break and as we left the rain started. We got home, popped the heating on and both couldn’t believe how dark it had seemed to get so much earlier than a few days before. Within hours the summer seemed so far away and I felt a bit bleak looking out towards winter.

I do however, love autumn, the need for warmth and somewhere cosy like a cat. The change in the seasons and the colour of the leaves makes me want pop my wellingtons on and rush to get outside, but I notice that when I travel to work and then travel back home again, it’s dark. This is where I struggle. I feel like I have lost a whole segment of my day, it’s very repetitive and seems to make the working week a lot longer without seeing much daylight!

We get in from work, draw the curtains to be cosy and whack on the “big light” and pretty much encapsulate ourselves, gone are the long drawn out evenings sat outside soaking up the last of the summer evening glow and light and now it’s pretty bleak. Those summer evenings seem to last forever.

This is where I struggle. There is a definite correlation between the lack of natural outdoor light and my low mood, for me this isn’t just an emotional effect but physical – I’m massively vitamin D deficient and so without the sun sending down its nurturing rays I feel pretty crappy with heart problems and aching joints. It makes it worse that I work in a hospital, harsh, constant artificial lighting do nothing to aid in how I feel, having being a patient as well I know all to well that they are pretty awful to be lay under whilst trying to get better! I frequently get headaches and feel emotionally drained before my time when the natural day light depletes.

Getting natural light into the house is the best way to get the balance back and conservatories are a great way to allow for a little more flourish of daylight into the home, as well as extra space. Another way that I find really helps give a natural light feel to the home is lots of house plants. I really feel that they give out such a positive vibe and I especially feel better with them next to me on my bedside table. It’s a great sign for lighting too as of course the plants with flourish and grow towards the light meaning they can be a great indicator to the lighting levels in your home. Healthy plants healthy you – I definitely feel brighter.

My living room is painted navy blue with complimentary white walls, surprisingly this isn’t too dark either, the white gives it a brightness and the blue is really soothing. Perfect for morning, midday or evening when relaxing.

What are the favourite areas in your home? Do you have a particular spot that you love the most?

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