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Organic cows milk – why we made the switch

You may know that both my boys have suffered from CMPA, cows milk protein allergy. After a few unsuccessful trials of the milk ladder, eventually they both tolerated dairy and were fine for a long time drinking cows milk and eating cows milk products. However a few months ago both boys started up with gastric symptoms and upset tummies. After some consultant advice we switched to organic cows milk.

Neocate milk

Skeptical to make the switch

Now, I was highly skeptical. I’m all for free range foods etc for the benefit of animal welfare but I have always felt that organic food was pretty much a cop out – unless I was getting dirty carrots straight from the plot sort of thing. I just never thought there was anything in it. I suppose I never read into it a whole lot either. This post isn’t going to be me preaching the benefits of organic produce etc etc it’s just how the change to organic milk made a massive difference to us, so much so that we won’t change back.

Organic cows milk helped us

I happened to mention to an immunologist about my boys history of CMPA, their successful introduction back to dairy and then the recent problems they had been experiencing, including

  • Daily diarrhoea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Geographical tongue
  • Increased and trapped wind

Organic cows milk

I was devastated that it seemed as though they had regressed and we were going back to dairy free – I know that this can happen at any time for them but I was just so sad for them. However, the immunologist suggested for us to try organic cows milk first for three weeks before we go down the dairy free route again. I was convinced it wouldn’t work but tried it anyway, ready to prove her wrong.

We made the switch and brought organic milk. We gave it the three week timeline.

Within a week the diarrhoea had stopped. By the time 14 days had passed I had decided we were going to stick to organic cows milk. The symptoms they were having had all disappeared. Almost three months on and we are still an organic cows milk house hold. Sometimes it can be hard to get hold of in our small town as it sells out, quickly! We just make sure we always have a supply.

Looking ahead

I have read a lot around the subject, lots of people say about the antibiotics, hormones and other nasties that are in non organic milk, where as others say it’s a difference in the proteins, A1 and A2 in the milk that makes the gastric upset so prevalent.

Whatever it is, organic cows milk works for my boys and keeps them comfortable and happy. Honestly I was the MOST skeptical person out there that it would work, but here we are! It might be worth a try if you are coming to the end of your milk ladder trial, perhaps give organic cows milk a go, I did a lot of reading on the soil association.

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