(AD) Keeping them young with Hills Dog food

Our family unit has never been just the kids, hubby and I – ours extends to include three cats and two dogs, the fur babies that we had long before our two legged sprogs. They complete our family and our Springer spaniel litter mates, Bella and Ludo are very much the heart of our family.

We had the pups back in 2011 and I’m so pleased my boys are growing up with pets just as we did, they learn responsibility with walks and feeding aswell as having the love and bond that you get with a dog that is so special, you can’t really sum it up but its just such a special thing. As the dogs are now eight years old and in the ‘mature’ zone there comes a little more consideration of their daily needs, including dietry requirements, to keep them in tip top condition and enjoying life as they should.

When Hills got in touch to see if our pooches would like to try some of their dog food, I was intrigued to see if they would like it. They suggested that we try the Hills Science Plan Canine Mature Adult 7+ Active Longevity Medium with Chicken for our Springer Spaniels, sounding just perfect for our working breed of dog.

Hills Science plan is tailored to support pets at their differing biological stages in their lives, with scientifically developed, veterinarian reccommended foods.

Dry food can be tricky with our dogs, even though they are not fussy with anything else they eat (or snaffle) it can be an issue with a new food, so i was a little aprehensive that they may not take to a new food. The kibble is in a velcro sealed bag, resealable for freshness and you can really smell that it keeps the food fresh – so much so that whenever it was opened, our cat Bill, who is more dog than cat, used to turn up for his share before the dogs! I need not have worried about the transition, the dogs are enamoured with the chicken flavour and we even use a few pieces as a reward item when on walks etc. The dogs actually required less of this food to their regular brand, as it is a higher protein content and they didnt seem hungry for this either. The food contains antioxidents, Glucosamine and chondroitin from natural sources to sustain mobility and keep vital organs healthy.

I love that it is a food that is for those in an older age bracket and something to help with their joints and activity. Our family has lots serveral dogs due to athritius and immobility and its a nice feeling to be able to do soemthing before this really takes hold and helps them. I will say their coats seem to have a definite lustre to them and I have noticed that Ludo, who has an autoimmune skin condition, has had the best skin on his nose and belly for a long time, so it seems as though this food isnt one that flares up his skin, which is an added bonus.

We are definitely going to continue with this food for our dogs as its suited them so well, we haven’t had upset tummies and only positive changes since we used it, so with knowing it’s benefiting them, it can only be a good thing!

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