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Butter making in a jar boredom buster

The cries of “I’m bored” are enough to send any one stir crazy and of course the 6 weeks holidays is littered with the phrase. I’m still pretty exhausted from having another bout of pericarditis and so keeping the kids occupied whilst trying not to over do it is always the challenge. This butter making in a jar activity is super easy to let them get on with and they are always fascinated by it, not the mention there is something to make yet another snack with at the end!

Butter making in a jar

What you will need

A really clean jam jar or Kilner jar

Tub of double cream, ours was 500ml

Salt to taste

Butter making in a jar

Ok. So it’s really, REALLY easy, just a little labour intensive maybe, but so worth it! Pour your cream into the clean jar. Make sure there is a leakproof seal and shake! Our cream was room temperature and it took about 5 minutes of Dexter and Freddie doing some shaking of the jar, rolling it on the floor and some proper hardcore shaking from me.

First the double cream thickens up into whipped cream. Keep going. It really thickens up and you get to a point where you think it’s solid. This is when I add the salt, I only add a bit for taste and you don’t have to do this. It’s never around long enough to need to be preserved! Maybe mix some in at the end if you wanted to. Then there seems to be a golden hue form.

Keep going!

There will be some liquid start to form (buttermilk!) and then a thud of the butter solids, golden curds of butter!

I shake a bit more here so that I have a big glob of butter and the separate butter milk. Then I drain off the liquid to use in baking . Pop the butter in a dish and rinse twice in COLD water. I don’t shape it really, just whack it in a tub and refrigerate or use straight away! There you go, butter making in a jar.

Fresh butter and homemade soda bread

It amazes me, let alone the kids and they are always proud of there efforts. You could add any flavours you want too, herbs, garlic even smoked paprika.

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