Creamy anchovy and tomato gnocchi with Ciao Gusto

One of my great food loves are anchovies. This might be strange to some people as anchovies tend to be difficult ground to tread, my husband can’t stand them for instance! But, I promise if you give them a chance they add the most wonderful dimension to any meal and and such a helpful ingredient.

I’m going to make an anchovy and creamy tomato gnocchi with Ciao Gusto Italian Deli at Ocado, who specialise in Italian food products. They have a massive range via Ocado and give a real authentic taste to meals with proper ingredients.

These anchovies I am using are stuffed with capers, I absolutely love them because it adds a real ping to any dish and really intensifies flavours. It’s a beefed up savoury taste and not a strong fishy taste that you would expect. You can even used them in a roast dinner to add another level of deliciousness, an anchovy based gravy is a winner!

I love this recipe because it’s fast and flavourful, perfect for hungry mouths from school or just finished work starvation! You can by ready made gnocchi but I have found it’s so easy and quite to make that I nearly always do my own.


For the gnocchi

One egg

425g of potatoes

250g plain flour

For the sauce


Small amount of olive oil

Cherry tomatoes or sundried tomatoes

One jar Double Anchovy fillets with capers

200g cream cheese

  1. Boil the potatoes in their skins till soft and leave to cool slightly before removing skin. Mash up the potatoes, add egg and mix in flour and knead. I cut my gnocchi into little C shapes but anything goes – especially when the kids help! Set these aside whilst you make the sauce
  2. fry off some garlic in olive oil and add the tomatoes. Cook until soft and giving under the pressure of the spatula.
  3. Add in you capers stuffed anchovies. I like to reserve some for the end for extra pizazz, and an anchovy aficionado I cannot get enough of them! Stir these through the sauce until almost melting.
  4. Stir in the cream cheese and heat gently for a minute before turning off the heat. Whilst you do this, add the gnocchi to some boiling water and boil until they float. Drain and add your sauce!

The anchovies help to lift this dish and also give it extra depth of flavour, it really adds something special to a midweek meal. I change it up by adding olives or chicken sometimes, even chorizo works well.

This is a collaboration with Ciao Gusto – all images and words are my own.

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