Taking the stress out of moving

My friends have recently moved house and just hearing about their moving woes has taken me right back to when we moved house and how much I realise that I can’t stand moving house (even though I have done it a lot!..five times in five years to be exact!)

I don’t think there is any easy way round it other than to bite the bullet and get stuff done. I mean, looking back I know and can see that I have always left stuff till the last minute, it’s just such a task to mentally get prepared for, stuffing everything you own into boxes and bags. It’s the emotional aspect too, moving is exciting but you do leave a lot of memories behind that have been made in your old residence, it can be difficult to part with all those firsts, meals, birthdays and other occasions that have happened in the home.

To make a positive out of the negative, I take moving house as a chance to have a major spring clear out or de clutter. It’s when I’m most ruthless As who wants to take any extra with them that doesn’t mean anything? Getting rid of the rubbish makes the stuff you keep more special. You also find some hidden gems that you just don’t get round to seeing, our loft is a treasure trove for stuff like this so it’s nice to have a little reminisce. I tend to rotate my framed photos and so it’s lovely to stumble on ones that I have forgotten to rotate and picture them in their new area. It also brings a taste of the old into the new abode.

What I have said to my husband since our last move is that I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, use professional removals service whenever we decide to move again. I just don’t want the stress and I want to focus on moving without the hassle, let alone the arguments and sorting. This time too, we have too children, it was bad enough last time moving when Fred was little, we had to keep a box out of stuff that we needed to hand, such as his favourite toys, blankets not to mention all the essentials.

Another couple of friends have recently moved and had a removal company in to do it for the first time – they haven’t stopped raving about the man and van competitive prices and how it had revolutionised the whole process! If you can get excited about moving then surely it’s the thing to do! Literally the boxes, packing materials and the actually packing was supplied by a team that they ordered. That’s half the job isn’t it, protecting and packing stuff up well – I usually give up too soon and end up dumping everything in a box and hoping for the best, or run out of boxes and whack it in a bin bag and REALLY hope for the best (really!!)

I’m definitely going to take the plunge next time, I might even go the whole hog and book myself into a hotel for a few days and leave hubby in the chaos and come back when it’s complete!

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