Monster Jam and Kinetic dirt toys review

Freddie has pretty much loved watching Monster Trucks for as long as I can remember, all thanks to his obsession with Blippi and the Monster Truck song. They are kind of fascinating though and I’m sure I would find parking a whole lot easier in one of those bad boys!

Freddie has been sent a variety of Monster Jam monster truck toys to review as Monster Jam has joined up with Spin Master toys and released a selection of die cast vehicles, remote control cars and a Kinetic Dirt stunt ramp set.

Grave Digger remote control truck

Grave digger was one of Freddies very first favoutite monster trucks and so when he saw this he was familiar with it already. It is a really beefy size and so has been great for Dexter to play with because his hands are that much smaller so he can grip it really well too. The battery controlled ( not included) Grave Digger is decorated with stickers and I found that Freddie had a habit of peeling these off, I know not all children will do this but its worth baring in mind if your child is this way inclined!

Its really easy to control on the remote and this is a massive plus for us as Freddie likes the cars to drive perfectly and exaclty the way he wants to, so its nice for him to be able to do this on a simple to use remote for a change. The controls go forwards and back and the other moves the wheels left to right.

The grave digger remote is really responsive and robust and easily motors its way around a living room or even garden.

Rev N Roar

This was freddies favourite as it was so true to life. he was really impressed with the nose and how easily he could power the truck by revving it. The pull back action makes it simple to use but it actually Motorises for a while on one pull back.

Kinetic dirt set

This was probably my favourite out of all the toys as its our first experience with Kinetic Dirt and I have to say it holds its shape really well and really takes the weight of the trucks before they crush it with their strong wheels. You get every thing you need to make your own Monster jam arena. I love how the “dirt” clumps together and is easy to tidy away, it moulds to make the perfect arena dome.

Monster Jam die cast 1:64 scale

These are definitely the favourites of the set. Both boys use them in any capacity (even the bath!) And the setup is amazing, they are complete replicas. They easily roll over any surface and they are really sturdy and strong to withstand play.


here is a little update of the monster trucks, here’s Freddie at Monster Jam in Coventry – he took little Max- D to see big Max -D!

you can get your own Monster Jam vehicles from Amazon or Smyths toy stores.

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