You can’t always be prepared..

My life ideal, as I’m sure it is for many people is to be prepared for every eventuality. Whether it be with the kids, work life, even little things like not running out of nappies – I want to be covered. However as life goes on and we get busy sometimes things happen and not just one thing at a time, which means we can end up out of pocket and unprepared for.

Recently for us this was car trouble. I am a few months into a new job and so our monthly savings have been adjusted to replicate my drop in hours, but this also meant these first few months we were slightly short whilst managing the shortfall. We had been saving up for a holiday so even though it was the worst time to happen, we thought “No matter, this will right itself in a few months” we said. We didn’t have a few months however, as along with a service and two new tyres on my car (which we planned for) my husbands needed a new filter (that cost an extortionate amount) otherwise it would drop into limp mode and be unsafe to drive.

So what do you do in this situation? It’s a huge lump of cash that we haven’t got, yet we need, urgently to enable us to carry on going to work and living our daily lives. We had prepared for some of the shortfall, yet, there was a huge chunk missing. You can’t prepare for everything!

An option was to turn to a reputable short term loan company, we needed the money quickly and safely. We didn’t want to use door step loans or other unsavoury avenues and so we turned to Cashladycom. The information we needed before committing to having a short term loan was all there before we took it out, so we could read and digest our choice. It worked for us and the car got fixed. We replayed the loan on time and the full amount and our little life blip was over.

To help with the repayment I even sold a few items on local selling sites that we no longer used, I had been meaning to do this for a while but now seemed like a great time to make some money and pay off what we had borrowed.

You can’t always prepare for every, single eventuality and it’s good to remember that sometimes things do all come at once!

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