Keeping connected

In this day and age we really take everything for granted, I know I am one of the worst for this. Little things that really send me into a spin are when the water has to be turned off at the mains, the car is in for a repair or shock horror the broadband being down. I feel so entitled saying that but they really change our lives these days because convenience is everything isn’t it. Working from home, driving to the shops, on demand TV. You don’t appreciate how easily everything is to hand until it’s not!

I know my whole family rely on broadband so heavily when we are at home. Freddie loves YouTube tutorials on his tablet and Dexter cannot get enough of endless Peppa Pig series, it’s a constant oink fest! It also keeps the peace, no bickering for at least ten minutes.

Richard and I use ours mostly for Netflix, I love being back in the zone of that complete absorption of a new series that you just have to binge on. Not so amazing when the broadband plays up and the buffering seems like eternity and we are sat there like lost souls waiting with hope for it to come back on.

For me, fast broadband is my link to be able to do work from home, where we live has dire 4G and so my only way to access emails, my blog, social media for photo upload is via Broadband. This is a pretty heavy undertaking, it does sound like my only link to the outside world (hehe!) but when the broadband is down I can’t get these things done and I can’t meet deadlines.

It can be confusing to find the package that you need, often you can’t gauge this until you have been using your broadband to its full capacity for a month or so but once it’s right there are endless possibilities. It’s so convenient, can you imagine going back twenty years or so an being told about how awesome things would be in years to come?!

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