Preparing for Beekeeping

A few weeks ago I posted how freddie was going to be helping my sister when she gets her bees. We the wheels are properly in motion now and over Easter I helped her to transfer to get them into their hive.

She has been supplied a colony by another bee keeper and so it’s the transition period of getting them from one hive to another and then back to my sisters. This time of year, alone with this weather is perfect for the bees to swarm and so you may have seen some swarms about and local bee keepers collecting them. These bees then get transferred into a hive much the same way and the cycle starts again. The colony my sister has is very large and so this may to swarm, meaning she could end up with another hive to colonise in the next few weeks.

This was the first time I wore my bee suit around the bees and surprisingly I wasn’t scared, I felt really excited but also relaxed to be around the critters. The hum of their busy buzzing is almost hypnotic, being so close to observe them in this way really gives you a different perspective on them too.

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