Beasties and battles with Eldrador

In this house we love critters and beasties, anything that pushes the imagination to the limit. Recently, Freddie has been having some awesome battles with his new friends from Eldrador. These tough guys are based on the elements fire, water, ice and stone and are made by the traditional and well loved Schleich. They are all ready to battle it out in a huge mix of the elements!

I remeber the Schleich range from when I was small and cooing at all the animals on the display rack when we went to our nearby stockist. It was the detail that I loved – the realism and that’s very much what Freddie loves about them too.

Freddie was sent four characters to represent to elements above and he loves them, battles have been taking place up the garden and on the stairs. He likes that they feel strong in his hand. Here is what Freddie says about the characters we have.

Ice spider

This is the baddie one as it can crawl everywhere and in and out of holes. It is made of ice and so it’s sharp to attack the others.

Fire bull

The bull is super strong and does a running charge with fire. He is heavy because he has muscles and horns and this is how he runs into the battle.

Armoured turtle

He looks old and sleepy but he has a weapon and used shell power in the battle and does a spin to knock the others over

Battle Krab

He gets you with his strong grippers and squeezes them then gets the bone weapon in the water.

I’m really impressed with the fine painted quality of these figures, really hard wearing, solid plastic that will withstand imaginative play, whether it be in the bath or up the garden. These guys are made for battle! They are priced at £9.99 to £14.99 and you can get them from Amazon

We were sent these figures in exchange for an honest review. All images and words are my own

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