(#AD) staying style fresh with Simply Be

I’m not one of these people that likes to make bold choices with my clothing, just purchasing on a whim – I don’t tend to leave my safety zone. This doesn’t meant I always feel safe in what I’m wearing – I would like to be a bit more out there -confusing hey! I have started making a change towards this, I’ve had some new glasses and they are I suppose what I’d call wild to what I normally wear but I love them, I absolutely adore them and I get compliments on how they suit me so much!

When I was contacted by Simply Be to try some of their new clothing line I wanted to use this as a chance to broaden my wardrobe as it was the perfect opportunity. I’ve chosen a wonderful stretch dress, go with everything jeans and an easy to wear jacket. I admit that the dress is polkadot.. polkadot is one of my go to prints (in extortionate amounts) but it’s not black and white it’s a wonderful bright colour and colour is the big thing for me try incorporate too, so I’m taking it!


This was my bravest move. I always have found jeans so difficult to wear, I think it stems from childhood when my mom used to make me wear them pulled up to my shoulders and resting way above my ankles. Horrifying. That has stuck with me and it’s never an area I broach in. So, I decided that with the high waist jeans trend, I will at least be on familiar territory, so I have given them a whirl. The denim in these Lucy indigo high waisted jeans is so soft and wearable, it doesn’t dig it and it gives. I don’t feel restricted. I choose a darker colour so I still had a bit of comfort zone in them, but I’m please I did as it goes with more of my wardrobe. I would say with the jeans to size up, I did and they fit perfectly on the waist and bum. I choose longer length as I’m 5’8 and this was just right.


I’m a funny onion, I’m always boiling hot so I’m always radically bare armed in cold weather or at a push I have my school run coat on, with people saying to me “it must be cold if you have a coat on!” I don’t really have an in between jacket that I can wear to smarten up my outfit or keep the chill off. When I saw this camel suedette waterfall jacket I knew it would be the easy wearing jacket that I wanted, and it is. Again, silky soft touch material make it comfortable to wear and it’s perfect for school runs, an evening jacket or just out and about. I love multi functionality and this jacket definitely has that. This jacket is true to size


Polka dots are my wardrobe stable. Albeit, a sea of black and white, but I adore them. When I choose a polka dot dress my husband wasn’t surprised but when it arrived and he saw the colour he was a little shocked! I was too, I admit, but I get so many compliments on the colour when it’s on and it’s such a flattering fit, it’s my favourite piece of clothing that I own! This twist knot dress is easy to dress up and dress down. It washes really well and is SO flattering. The pop of colour brightens up a gloomy day or mood. This dress is slightly bigger on sizing and so I sized down and it fits perfectly.

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