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#AD – date night at Bodega Cantina Birmingham

Myself and my husband live in a small town that isn’t too far from Birmingham, yet we have been to London more times than we have been to Birmingham! How does that work? Anyway, the perfect opportunity came for us to go to Brum and try some new food when Bodega Cantina asked us to see what we thought of their new menu.

First impressions

Walking up the the restaurant and inside was mind blowing, it was totally not what I expected. Vibrant colour, fun decor and amazing lighting filled the high ceiling main strip of the restaurant. There was seating down stairs too and a small waiting area. The friendly staff added to the warming hubub in the restaurant, they were really busy but happily so, even though it was peak time they ensured there was time for everyone.

The drinks

We were checked in with no fuss even though we arrived earlier than booked try out the happy hour for cocktails (4-7pm) we headed downstairs to The Sugar Loaf bar to see the coattails being made in front of everyone. So talented! After much deliberation (the cocktail menu leaves you spoilt for choice!) I got to try a Caipirinha at long last as I have a thing with Cachaça! Rich had several Zombies and I also tried a White Choc & Passionfruit Mojito. They were the perfect appetiser.

The food

The menu is simple but has massive variety, I really like the fact you can have a small plate or up this to feed more people. Now I will say it’s really hard to choose, so I had to be strict here to make sure I wasn’t here all night deciding OR ordering the whole menu!

We decided to have a few dishes between us so ordered all different items, some of which, like the fish tacos, we would never, ever go for.

We had sides of sweet potato fries and Jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese. These were a welcome addition and gave the wanted requirement of sweetness and heat!

The fish tacos really surprised me, they were so many hits of flavour in just one bite. Fresh, rich and punchy, just the right size too. They aren’t a heavy dish either so would be great for a lunch choice. I would never normally order this but, wow, I’m so glad I did as I would definitely try again. Rich wasn’t as keen, he doesn’t really stray far from a battered cod but he tried them and he enjoyed what he had, just not as much as me.

Famous Nachos

We shared a small plate of the famous nachos. Well, actually let me clear this up, we were going to have the nachos for four and split them, but decided it would be too much so went for the smaller portion. The small portion is MAHOOSIVE. They are so mind blowingly delicious and full of texture, the rich slow cooked brisket, the fresh salsa, the zing of sour cream, the smooth and velvety quacamole married with melted cheese..ahh take me back. The pinnacle however, is the freshly made nachos themselves, they are flippin’ immense and you won’t ever want to try any others. (Side note, the next day I tried to recreate the dish as I craved them again so bad!)

The burrito was another one of our choices and this did not disappoint either. It’s packed full and feels like a precious bundle wrapped up nestled in your hands ready to eat. I almost decided it was too pretty to bite into but before I could stop myself I had dipped the end in some chipotle hot sauce and was in heaven. Epic.


At this point what I want to express is when you look round the restaurant at all the dinners, everyone is so social, chatting, eating, relaxing. It’s such a chilled atmosphere, I also noticed that children were welcomed too, and this adds so much to the food. It’s hard to describe, I have never been in such a place with such a relaxed but busy fun atmostpshere? Definitely Latino!

We had a fab time at Bodega Cantina and will certainly be back, the food is excellent, tasty and fresh and the company is wonderful. It really won’t disappoint. Thank you #myBodega!

This was a complimentary meal in exchange for an honest review. All photos and words are my own.


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