Home town in the spring

I tend to forget I live in a gorgeous area for my home town. It’s so easy to take it for granted. I live in a sleepy town in Shropshire and it really is glorious as well as being full of historical nuggets and little quirks such as a castle and a cliff railway!

What I love most is the colour that explodes with spring. I adore magnolia and they are scattered all over the town, even along side the river. They accentuate everything and the school run seems a lot brighter seeing the giant, full flowers of the magnificent magnolia in peoples gardens, then the snowy leaves gently blowing away in the breeze.

This year I found a gorgeous wall of violet flowers from a garden over looking the river, I had forgotten it was there and it was lovely to remember it from years ago, burtsting with colour and a talking point for everyone who sat on the bench by it.

I took Fred for a little walk and an ice cream on this beautiful day to soak up all the colours and be thankful of the gorgeous area we live.

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