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There is nothing more miserable and sad than a baby with sore, red raw nappy rash. Sadly both of my boys had Cows milk protein allergy and this was the culprit for some violent nappy explosions and the worst nappy rash – bleeding blisters giving way to red raw skin, this used to heighten at teething time when the acidic poo would just strip the skin and burn. The first 12 months we had lots of nappy rash and this is when it’s most common too. From two weeks old Dexter’s milk allergy was on full pelt and he was also on strong anti reflux medication, a side effect of which was mucous, acrid poo which was so strong on his newborn skin.

Some creams I found to be hit and miss – too thick to allow the skin to breathe, too thin and watery that it doesn’t protect during nappy time and so brightly coloured that it stained any clothing (or gorgeous duvet sets!) that it came into contact with.

A difficult nappy changing routine can be made even harder when a baby has a sore bum and doesn’t want to be touched. I change Dexter’s nappy in his bedroom when at home so I keep a tube of Bepanthen there and then a smaller tube in my changing bag – handy to keep up routine on the go and the flip top lids mean I am ready to go and have a winning chance at changing a squirming little one!

What I love is that the cream forms a natural barrier with Provitamins B5 for babies sensitive skin, providing a moisturising protective layer against any nappy deposits. Bepanthen isn’t sticky and doesn’t need to be cleaned off after each change either. It’s kind to precious skin as there are no fragrances, colours, preservatives, parabens or antiseptics in.

We know when there is a flare up as Dexter’s bum is the first thing to suffer – as I use Bepanthen daily, even after bath time as I know he has a protective layer that will keep his little peach bum safe rather than waiting till he is sore and try and remedy it. Be prepared!

This post is an entry for the #Bepanthenprotects challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more about how to protect baby’s sensitive skin over at Bepanthen.

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  • Kate

    You brought back such memories. Really good to hear how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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