Beekeeping – our new hobby

So my sister is currently making hives and hasn’t brought the family beekeeping suits for when we help out.

Freddie loves his as he thinks he looks like a storm trooper! I love how interested he is in the bees as we all know how important they are to our planet and keeping us alive with the pollen action that they do. Not just the making of sweet sweet honey! (Even if it is so delicious!)

I can wait for freddie to collect the first batch of honey and I want him to be respectful and not fearful of the bees, lots of people are scared of them because they don’t understand them or treat them incorrectly. He will learn such amazing skills beekeeping and helping the bees. They do a marvellous job and the spring flowers and summer blooms wouldn’t be here without them.

Roll on a big bowl of yoghurt laced with home grown honey and a Slice of comb.

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