Syn Free steak & cheese baguettes

It’s Friday night and I want a gruesomely, filthy and tasty evening meal. What can be better that steak and cheese baguettes with seeet potato fries and side salad AND also be SYN FREE?!

Here’s what I did. (Relaxed as always, ad lib what you want, take away or add in your fave things!) this recipie is for the baguette and I served it with home made sweet potato fries and a side salad. This recipe is SYN FREE

  • One Promise gluten free white sub (HExB)
  • Steak (any you like as long as visible fat removed)
  • onions
  • jalepeños (optional)
  • Cheese (I used my HExA for the day)

Cut the steak into strips and dice the onion. Free off untill cooked to your liking. Mix with jalapeños if using and assemble on the Promise sub, which has been split in half.

In the microwave, melt your cheese until runny and pour over the assembled subs. Pop inder the grill until it has some colour and serve with whatever you fancy.

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