PJ MASKS RACE DAY Power Racers Review

Fred has loves PJ Masks since it started and it’s a regular in our household, even more so now Dexter is in his parroting mode and wants to be just like Freddie, it’s double the PJ Masks fun! He’s always making up his own story lines and rescue missions around the house, taking on one of the various guides of Catboy, Owlette or Gekko (he always makes Dexter be Night Ninja!)

The programme fits so well within our family age ranges for our boys and it’s soemthing they can both sit and watch with no arguments. Lucky for them too that they got to play with the brand new PJ Masks toys!

The boys were sent everything they needed to set up their very own #PJMasksraceday, even including a race mate, trophies, medals and a chequered flag to really get their engines going and get them set.

Freddie recurved three racers and the Night Ninja bus. He was crazed to get them open, one thing he loves more than anything else are figures that ride a vehicle and stay on whilst fitting properly without falling over. If you have kids I’m sure you have experienced tantrums over this numerous times, I know we have! So it was such a relief to see how well the vehicle stood up with each driver on them, ready and raring to go! Our PJ Masks vehicle and figures sets are prices at £13.99 each.

Both of my boys could line them all up and get them in the “get set” position without anyone falling over – massively inpostabt whisky Freddie was adjusting the track for the race. The wheels of each brightly coloured vehicle are wide and sturdy and each figure is possible into the bike. The iconic PJ Masks bright colours also meant Freddie could pick out his winner and his character and help show Dexter who was his colour and and character.

The boys loved the race aspect and a healthy dose of competition and we are so excited to join @ukmumstv for the #PJMasksRaceDay on the 29th Feb! It’s all going race crazy between 1-2pm so make sure your littles have their PJ Masks racers ready to go and come and join all the fun!

You can find the race sets we had and the others out of the collection at Smyths Toys Superstores 

We were sent these figures and sets for an honest review

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