New year… Pneumonia!

I am so glad it’s February as I write this because as fresh New Years go this one has been pretty crap, illness has struck us once again and I ended up in hospital for five days with pericarditis (again) and pneumonia. I’ve never had pneumonia before but let me tell you it hit me like a truck and I have never, ever felt so exhausted, not even in those early newborn days.

My wonderful card from my beaut

Anyway, I’m home now and apart from it delaying the start of my new job (eek!) things have improved. I love my new job and it’s great to be back being a nurse again after months out following maternity leave, super tiring as I’m still getting stronger but so amazing.

Freddie’s been a little unsettled with me being ill and not being at home but he has coped really well with a new routine at home, thankfully he hasn’t been poorly, Dexter however has!

Two days after I started work, Dexter flared up with acute onset croup, he’s never had it before where as Freddie has had lots of episodes. His breathing deteriorated very rapidly and so he was taken to hospital via ambulance.

He’s on the mend now and just has a chesty cough – I’m hoping that’s our lot for a while and I can get on with getting used to being a Mom and a nurse. I’m doing a lot less hours and the job is much more family friendly so I’m hoping it’s the best if both worlds, always hard leaving my babies but I’m doing it for them in the long run, plus Freddie loves telling people that his mom is a nurse and I love that!

I’m going to be focusing on some self care in the next few months. Looking after me in various ways including eating better and time to myself. Nobody knows why I became ill again and so my bloods have been sent away to be check for autoimmune disorders, but I’m hoping that I can improve things by making small changes too. I’ve started really looking into an anti inflammatory diet and I think I this will be the first step in changing my ways.

Hope all of you are ok and if you have any tips for me let me know

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