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Chicken pox tips for when the pesky pox strikes!

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Over Christmas we were lucky enough to have an extra sprinkling of magic.. chicken pox on Christmas Eve! It was bound to happen really now he is at school and it was rife in Freddie’s class. Here is our story and some of my Chicken pox tips.

We found the initial spot on Freddie’s arm just by his arm pit, it was just a small blister really, easy to miss but I just had a feeling that this was the start! This was Christmas Eve night and by Christmas Day there were six over his body.

The spots were relentless

Two days later there were many more spots all over his body – quite startling how fast and how many stared to appear. He was a bit cranky but no real discomfort. The next day the itching started and it drove him mad, spots on his scalp that I hadn’t seen had started to crust and this was where the itching was worst of all. By the evening he was scratching even more so we gave him another oat bath and Piriton with a slather of Virasoothe. At bedtime we discovered more all over his groin and private parts and his bum. He was so sad.

At 1am he woke me by how much I could hear him fidgeting, he was feral with itching so we dosed him with Piriton again, wiped him with a cool flannel on the itchy areas and slathered on more Virasoothe. It took about an hour for him to settle and he was so miserable and uncomfortable but the Virasoothe definitely helped giving him a massive chunk of comforting sleep after by soothing his itch.

After that night I religiously applied the cool gel until all the scabs were out, the itching subsided quickly and it’s quite surprising how the hydrating, cooling gel works. He only has a few scars from where he knocked scabs off – the rest of him has healed beautifully,

The chicken pox tips that worked the best for us and which could work for you:

  • Oat milk baths – put oats in a Muslin cloth and add to bath water. This makes a soothing milky water that’s really comforting on itchy sore skin. We did as many as these as he found he needed especially as he had them in his groin and wanted to keep him clean.
  • ViraSoothe Chickenpox Relief Cooling Gel was a lifesaver for us. The cooling gel hydrated and cools the sore spots which reduces itching, helping the already of less bacteria and infection and providing an excellent healing environment once the scans have formed. He loved having his “Ice gel” on as he found the relief so profound (even in his hair!)
  • Anti histamine & infant paracetamol – Piriton also helped reduce the itch and help with sleep and bedtime and in the night. The paracetamol helped with any aches and fever
  • Iced lolly’s – Freddie even got the pox in his mouth and they were so sore, so a cooling freezer treat was perfect
  • Entertainment. Freddie had a tablet for Christmas, so playing on this and lots of fun films helped distract. We also did lots of colouring in and playing in the bath too.
  • For smaller children I think socks on hands would help the damaging scratching at bedtime, which is when we found it most difficult to control

REMEMBER never use ibruprofen with Chicken Pox!

If you have any other chicken pox tips please let me know!

this is a collaboration with Virasoothe who sent us some product to help with our chicken pox infection.

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