Our new friends – Tinpo

When you watch kids TV day to day, there is nothing quite like the excitement of a new series to get everyone in the family in a frenzy! New characters, new theme tune, new learning opportunities.

You can therefore imagine the buzz in our family when Tinpo arrived – the new TV programme for preschool children from the creators of Nelly and Nora (who we also love here) Keeping the kids engaged and entertained whilst learning is always easier with new fodder and so it was a relief to meet some new characters!

The dynamic of TV has changed a little in our house since Christmas as Freddie received his very first tablet, so he is often in a little world of his own watching his favourite programmes on there. He was really excited to watch Tinpo on his tablet and meet the new characters in their colourful world.

Tinpo and his team, Doug-Po, Hack-app and Logi-Po all work together solving problems for the residents of Tinpotown and creating marvellous inventions, a great lesson for Freddie to think about team work in his reception year at school.

Freddie was thrilled that he got a sneak peak of the new episodes that start on Monday 28th January. He really engaged with what he saw and especially loved the Kite episode as it reminded him of his holiday. The episodes aren’t long and just enough for little after school tired brains to do a little at home educational TV watching without being too full on. I love the theme tune which is important as it will definitely be in my head so at least I have some new material!

You can catch Tinpo on CBeebies on weekdays at 6.55am and 3.55pm (and iplayer) and have a look at the Twitter account of @UKMumsTV on Monday 28th January to win some fab prizes starting at 15.30!

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