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National handwriting day 2019

I had forgotten all about the joy of being given a pen at school (year three for me) and being super chuffed with my upgrade from a pencil. As nurse I still do frequent amounts of handwriting rather than being a slave to the keyboard and this is something I love, just as I love the fact that Freddie has really started to take pride in his handwriting now he is in school.

Penmanship is really something that can be (and should be!) enjoyed by everyone. As much as I love technology it does tend to steal away the art of putting pen to paper and creating a lovely piece of writing. I have friends who are talented in the amazing skill of calligraphy and I remember seeing pieces of my dads school work featuring the standard cursive style lettering, which I would absolutely love Freddie to be able to do!

Our friends over at Stabilo have sent us some lovely goodies to celebrate National Handwriting Day and also give Freddie a bit of help with deciding what hand he writes best with. At the moment he currently tries to use both, even trying to overcome the natural feeling to go to his dominant hand. We have however talked through with him today and decided he is very much a righty. The selection of pens we have been sent have a really useful feature of being suitable for left or right handed dependant on which you need and are styled slightly different in each way.

Freddie’s fave was the Stabilo Easy, an ergonomic pen suitable for first writing with little ones with its positioning dents on the pen body. I definitely saw a difference with how it guided Fred’s hand into place and he said it felt the best when he was using it, so it must have been confortable to use. These pens are also shaped different to suit a left or right hand, with smooth flowing writing and non blotting ink!

The Stabilo Black was also a hit with Fred as the roller ball is so smooth, he could just glide it across paper and easily trace over letters that I had done with him. As a bonus I know he will enjoy drawing with this too so it will really get his fine motor skills engaged as he draws his little creations. These are also great for me to use at work, easy to write with and as we all know a “nice writer” is imperative in a good pen; I’ll be gliding though my patients written notes in no time!

We were also sent some Easy start pencils, which are nothing like I have seen before. The triangular shape is excellent for grip, but there are also non slip indentations to help little leftys or righty’s get a comfortable and familiar grip whilst in use. The 6 vibrant colours are perfect for any mini masterpiece that’s waiting to be created.

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