Sweetly Vegetarian & Vegan with Swizzles

With the boys having CMPA I found my self getting sucked into the whole dairy produce situation and ensuring that they have dairy free chocolate. However, there are other niches that I used to overlook so easily – sweets! For some reason they never registered as easily as everything else and I found it difficult to find vegan sweets. This also caused problems at Christmas etc because people often brought them sweets because they automatically thought they were dairy free, when this isn’t the case. 

You may not have realised that November was world Vegan month and to celebrate this Swizzles sent us their Choos and a lovely bounty of vegan & vegetarian sweets, worry free sweet treats for my. It’s and their vegetarian auntie – she was super pleased to hear about this range, as for her gelatine is like dairy to us – a big no! The range of different sweets contained in the range have al the old favourites and also Choos.

These are completely vegan and have been a big hit with the boys as they are the perfect little size for a treat but also easy for them to chew. They love the strawberry and banana flavour but they also come in peaches and cream, cherry and apple, raspberry and milk and strawberries and cream.

A classic taste for me are the Refreshers Choos. I remember eating them when I was little and it’s nice to reminisce with the boys. Along with the classic sherbert fizz explosion, they also come in several flavours including classic lemon, pineapple and strawberry, apple and raspberry. 

I love that everyone is taking more and notice about dietary needs and preferences to give everyone lots of choice in a wide range of foods and drinks so we were so glad to be on board with Vegan month alongside Swizzles Choos. It’s made my boys very happy! 

we were sent these items for Vegan month via Swizzles. All words and images are my own.

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