Fun to the rescue! Herodrive toy review

Whenever my boys play make believe, Freddie always has to make sure that there is good versus bad and therefore he loves super heroes because they always show the battle. There is nothing better than being the hero of the day and so these Herodrive DC Super Friends that we’ve been sent to review have been perfect for the boys and their imagination

Ready to goThe collection

Herodrive DC Super Friends vehicles are perfect for little hands and they come in a range of sizes so Dexter has been able to play with his brother and it’s been such a fun experience for them both to have the same toys and have a game together

We got to try the Herodrive Batman racer £24.99 as Part of the review and it’s Freddie’s favourite as if you press the Batman Lego, it makes a siren sound if you press it twice the wings popout it revs and actually drives on its own – he absolutely adores this

Captured the bad guy!

Signal squad

Next up is Herodrive Batman Signal Squad (£12.99) Now this one the whole family enjoyed because when you press the Batman logo the Batman symbol is projected onto the surface that you’re near so Freddie loves to have this in bed and have his Batman hero looking after him at bedtime and fighting baddies. He likes to double up as a torch and so that’s fine by me!

Light display

Smash machines

Then we have the HeroDrive smash machines (£7.99) These are perfect for little hands. They are a mix between your favourite superhero an emergency service vehicle. The set we had featured Superman doubled up as a fire engine and Batman doubled up with the police vehicle. They both have siren sounds and flashing lights to perfect for when you arrested criminals!

All the vehicles are lovely to play with because there are no sharp edges they’re really friendly for all ages if any little hands were to get hold of them and it’s lovely that they come in a set because as I’ve said before Freddie goes to collect things and he likes to have a whole set of items

The whole Herodrive gang

Overall we have all been really impressed with the toys – Freddie loves his vehicles and it’s been great to combine them with the Superhero aspect. The quality of the vehicles is amazing and really user-friendly – the big buttons that are easy to press, wheels that are Easy to push and Really engaging with the lights and sounds and colours that they produce all of these vehicles are available on Amazon. It will be great for Christmas and my boys are been so happy with them

You can get them from Amazon at the following links Batmobile Mash machines  & Signal Squad


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